Monday, November 10, 2008

Brown is loving his recession

Should Brown really be enjoying himself so much whilst the economy turns to crap thanks to his own decisions?
Via ConservativeHome


Lorenzo said...

Who's running the asylum, never a truer word spoken.

T England said...

I wonder if he enjoys Britain being called "the sick boy of europe" because that is what we are being called by the worlds finantial markets.
Unelected Brown has made Britain sick, but not as sick as we are of him!

John Pickworth said...

Why should Brown care what a bunch of foreigners or educated Brits think?

As long as Brown is adored by his loyal benefit recipients, those fortunate millions with State funded jobs and the lefty media cling-ons, he can positively revel in the country's misery.

In fact, the current economic situation gives him carte blanche to what the hell he likes... which is ironic in that carte blanche is what most of our IOU's are being written on too.

Even the Tories must begin to wonder if the next election is worth winning? Something which has probably not escaped Brown's evil mind.

Welcome to Zimbabwe folks.

Brown and his corrupt gang could be with us for sometime yet.