Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tebbit insists on Farage?

Word reaches me that at the Bruges Group dinner last night that Thatcher attended there were some shenanigans about who should sit on the top table. According to a mole, Lord Tebbit rather liked the idea of the leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage sitting at the top table.

Unfortunately, Robert Oulds is said to have been quite against the idea and only acquiesced when Tebbit, and then the UKIP peer Pearson insisted that the most prominent withdrawalist in the country sat at the top table with Maggie herself.

Frankly I find this sort of stuff amusing because most ordinary people couldn't give a rats arse who sits where. Political dinner seating arrangements are a bit like weddings no? Who sits next to the dodgy Uncle or the black sheep child etc etc?


thomas said...

ish. But it is revealing of the way the mainstream has brushed off Farage and UKIP as an irrelevant embarrasment, and that that attitude is changing.

Robert said...

Or perhaps they needed somebody on the top table to feed the old bat, after all she still thinks Dennis is next to her, she more then likely needs somebody to pick up her food and stick it in her mouth.

Anonymous said...

So UKIP is an embarrassment!
Who do you suggest opposes the enlargement and increased hedgemony of the EU?

Anonymous said...

Good for Tebbit! Dave won't like this one bit!

Steve Fowler Blog. said...

Good for Tebbit! Dave won't like this one bit!.

Good cause the real Tory party died when Maggie was kick out all those year ago!.

Cameron killed what was left of the old party and UKIP is now taking it's place.