Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Enough with the Churchill references Gordon!

The picture to the right is a screengrab of part of the current Downing Street website. Note the interesting name of the estate agent on the board?

I wonder who chose "Churchill Estate Agents" for the graphic given we've just had Brown's so-called 'Churchill Moment' to protect us all from mortgage hell?

Delusions of grandeur or some techies taking the gentle piss out of him? The heart wishes it was the former, but th he head thinks its more likely the latter. Still, it made me laugh!


Anonymous said...

Churchills Estate Agency operates in my area of East London, and a friend is trying to sell a flat with them.

They have recently had the receivers in (honest) and have to close all but one of their 12 offices.


Tom FD said...

Ohhhhh, yes!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with comparing Broon to Churchill. As long as we are thinking about the Dardanelles campaign, that is.