Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dizzy's Solution to save RBOS (and HBOS)

Did you know that there is a huge market for Royal Bank of Scotland notes on eBay and more amusingly they sometimes sell for almost four times their face value.
So here's an idea, maybe RBOS should dig down in their vaults and get all the old banknotes out. They might make a profit then! Perhaps they could print some but pretend they were older than they are?

Even Bank of Scotland (HBOS) notes are selling at almost twice face value. Funny old world huh?

If they hurry they could make a fortune! (not)


patently said...

Scottish banks ... the only businesses that can have a licence to print money and STILL get into trouble...

Anonymous said...

bank of zimbabwe notes were going for rather more than £9 but had a lot more zeros in the face 'value '