Thursday, October 30, 2008

Deripaska bailed-out by Kremlin with $4.5bn loan

How funny, apparently Oleg Deripaska, he of Yachtgate fame and reputedly "Russia's Richest Man" has had to be bailed out by the Kremlin with a $4.5bn loan.


Glyn H said...

Do you think this sea of money will wash away all the corpses that seem to have allowed Mr Deripaska to float to the top?

RobertD said...

Glyn H

No, but it will keep them anchored to the bottom of the sea so as not to trouble the killers.

Ed said...

Let's be clear here, there really is no difference between the Kremlin, Deripaska, Putin, Rusal and all the other people and corporate vehicles being used in this great Russian game. This multi-headed hydra basically grew from the swamps of the 'Glorious' USSR and confiscated the assets of a proud nation, part of these assets are now floating around the waters of Corfu.

All this bail out represents is the repatriation back to Moscow of offshore borrowing as the international lenders (including RBS) have got themselves in a spot of bother recently and could not roll over their financing to the Hydra.