Monday, September 15, 2008

Told you so......

So I said 10,000 at 3pm, the actual, now officially confirmed figure at 5:15pm on the BBC is 18,000. No doubt there will be more, there always is. At the end of the day people are stupid, no matter how much the Government might claim they're not.

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T England. Raised from the dead. said...

I note they were password protected! I’d love to know what they mean by that! Some easy to brute force password or some big take you years to crack encryption. Wouldn’t it make you laugh if they were just using the password you get with Word to protect their files!
Anyhow! Like I have said, the public need a new mind set when it comes to their data, all round.
I mean look at this on computerworld about how ISP’s can watch us & then there is this on Schneier on security site, about how satellites could identify us by watching our shadows!
Just how many ways is our personal data being collected & abused?
It's not going to stop now is it?