Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lib Dem PPB uses actors and admits it?

Unbelievable, just watch and wait for the Voxpops and see how each "ordinary person" is described.

Alternatively, if you can't be arsed to watch it, you could just watch this amusing video that has appeared on YouTube and edited by a user called not winning here and just shows you the best bits!

Startling honesty from the Lib Dems there. Another day, another gaffe!

Update: Just in case they remove the original you can download the flash video here


Anonymous said...

"... that's why I hold public meetings around the country."

Really? It's nothing to do with copying Cameron then, like your speech, or indeed why your party elected you...

James Schneider said...


I think Clegg's town hall meetings pre-date Cameron direct (but I could be wrong).

The actors are an embarrassment. The whole video is frankly poor.

Anonymous said...

OH,Mr Dizzy, you are spoiling us with these confections.. !

Charlotte Gore said...

Clegg was doing town hall meetings first, was first thing he announced after being elected leader.

No doubt we can expect Cameron to copy Clegg's tax cuts too. Oh wait.. you're committed to Labour's spending plans for a couple of years... how's that working out for you?

And Dizzy, what's the point your making here? That basically being straight with people is.. a gaffe?

In a country where people are absolute sick to the back teeth of spin and bullshit you're poking fun at us for being honest... hmm second thoughts: Keep up the good work. ;)

Anonymous said...

But didn't the Tories start the use of actors in PPBs, in 1979.