Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is the figure embarassing?

Given all the mess and problems with the "beta" Number 10 website, I was amused to see this question in Parliament, and it's "answer".

Mr. Hoban: To ask the Prime Minister how much the most recent redesign of the No. 10 website cost.

The Prime Minister: The No. 10 website has been updated to include more news content, videos and in-depth features. The costs associated with the redesign will be included in the overall running costs of the website. Figures for the financial year 2008-09 will be available when the Cabinet Office annual resource accounts have been audited.
Translation: You will be lucky to get the figure by August 2009.


bonetired said...

More likely May 2010 .....

Anonymous said...

Dear Dizzy

Please forgive my seeking your help over some mathemagical mysteries - I hope you have a better understanding than this Eagle

How much Tax the Government might lose over Lehmann Bros & HBOS ?

1. If all 5,000 Lehmann's London employees are paid an average of £100,000 per year and if they all lose their jobs, it would seem the Revenue would lose £25 million in income tax/national insurance

* is an average £100,000 salary an under-estimate

2. HBOS seem to have told the BBC that they pay £3,150 tax per second

* this totals almost £138 million per month & £1.655 billion per year (80% of a New Aircraft Carrier)

I have the honour to remain your obedient servant etc

G Eagle