Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Council uses six year olds for official snooping?

Back in June I posted about the climate cops that had scary undertones of the Thought Police's children wings in 1984. Of course some might say that such analysis is hysterical, but the reality is primary school children are being recruited by Councils for just these reasons, and in some cases they're even being paid rewards of up to £500 for it.

Southwark Council has admitted that it has 400 “environmental volunteers” aged from six to 80 trained to report into a special hotline and email address on "enviro-crimes". Yes, you did read that right, six year olds.

The Lib Dem leader of Southwark Council, Nick Stanton, told the South London Press the "programme is open to anyone over the age of six". Personally I have to say I agree with the Opposition Labour leader in Southwark who noted after making a comment about child labour that "[i]f this is an honest attempt to teach children about being responsible for their area, why has the general public not been made aware of it?"

Ironically of course, it is the Labour Party nationally who have been conmstantly undermining the Police by introducing ever more powers for civilians. Now we have a Lib Dem/Tory coalition using primary school children. Frankly I'm disgusted, what exactly is happening in this country? I wonder when we'll have our own Pavlil Morozov?


Anonymous said...

Yes, children are being asked to phone up and report litter, graffiti and dog-fouling so that it can be cleaned up.

This is how fascism started, I'm telling you.

dizzy said...

Stalinist more like.

Lord Blagger said...

Southwark's reaction to their own crimes is interesting.

Most of the parking marks and signs in Southwark are illegal, and yet they have been taking money from people as a result.

FOI requests get ignored, because they don't want to admit this is going on.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they've had many reports of a Mr. Hugh Jarse dropping litter.

Alan Douglas said...

Dizzy, what IS the difference between communism and fascism ?

Answer came there : None !

Remember what the word Nazi was abbreviated from - NAtional SOcialist = Nazi

This sort of using children to denounce their parents would have happened in both the USSR and Nazi Germany, and now of course Broon's not-so-great Britain.

Alan Douglas

dizzy said...

Alan, strictly speaking Nazism was Nazism, fascism was more what Mussolini was doing. Stalinism on the other hand was very different

Dave said...

Here come the Hitler Youth. They'll be turning their parents in next

Anonymous said...

As a complete aside.. is the image attached to this post available as a t-shirt?

Anonymous said...

Has it now become legal to employ children- and is their evidence admisable in court?