Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Caption Competition

Update: Jim Carey in "Dumb and Dumber".... scary.


Conand said...

DM: 'You've got maybe nine days before I return to being a totally spineless conniving shit again.'
GB: 'You remind me of somebody I see in the mirror'
DM: 'Kevin Maguire?'
GB: 'Oh dear boy, God no, he's an even more hypocritical fuck than we are.'
DM: 'Hahaha'
GB: 'I like your horrid tactic of repeatedly saying that its politicians who are unpopular not just Labour.'
DM: 'Good isn't it? Totally pathetic nonsense of course, but hey, it's worked before!'
GB: 'By the way, thanks for actually being weirder than me in this photo, it really is a first'
DM: 'Just hope that the great british public forget that we're all fucking weird creeps!'
GB: 'Hahaha' (weird pseudo-smile)

Anonymous said...

Yep as soon as I saw Miliband's rubber face photographs yesterday, I thought that's Jim Carey.

Of course it may really be Jim Carey.

Newmania said...

The Stepford Politician seemed perfect and yet something was somehow missing ...

Anonymous said...

The spirit of John Redwood lives on.

Anonymous said...

"Ooh, Betty! I think he's done a whoopsie on the country."

James said...

Say what you like about Brown, at least he casts a shadow!! Poor Miliband - no shadow, no soul. Has Peter Mandelson been flying in through the windows of the Midland hotel again?

Anonymous said...

DM - and this is my "Gary Lineker" impression.

GB - it's crap.

DM - you can talk, it's better than your "human"..