Monday, September 22, 2008

Ask the PM and don't get an answer

For the first time I have just watched an "Ask the PM" video. This person asked Brown why - if cannabis is being reclassified because it is harmful - isn't tobbaco illegal? Fairly straight forward question right?

Brown's response (below) was to say that cannabis is very dangerous and unacceptable, and then he went on to explain why alcohol, even though it causes harm, is legal.

At no point does he mention even mention tobacco, even though the Dowing Street web team responsible for the YoUTube channel titled the original question video "Ask The PM - Why Is Tobacco Legal?"

Isn't it good to know that when an oridinary person asks Gordon brown a question he ignores it and answers a completely different one instead? Had he been honest he would have said "well look, if it wasn't for tobacco tax revenue we'd be really really screwed rather than just screwed".

Also worth noting that on the Dowing Street Channel they say that Brown's responses have been posted by a user called "askthepm" which links to an independent YouTube site.

The profile for the site Dowing Street are bizarrely linking Gordo Brown to is one who's profile says

DowningSt doesn't allow party political questions - but we do! Everyone can post videos or comments here without censorship. So go ahead ... Ask the PM anything here. If you're looking for the official 'approved' site then search for downingst.

Seriously, can these people get anything right? First they get Brown to respond to a question by not even bothering to address it (that may just be him rather than them in fairness). Then they link Brown's responses to a site set-up to take the piss out of the "Ask the PM" features.



Not a sheep said...

You appear to be surprised that this Labour government are inept; why is this? They have proved their ineptitude over the last 11 years.

Dave said...

The reason that tobacco is legal is because the government can control (tax) the supply.
They can't tax the drugs trade therefore it's illegal.

Shug Niggurath said...

Hundred grand well spent.

Tobacco Statto:

Prior to the smoking ban 21% / 12 million of the adult population smoked. Taking 100 smokes a week as an average, 3.50 a 20 pack in tax...

12 million smokers contributed aprox 11 billion a year in tax...

The NHS budget in 2007-08 was projected at 106 billion, 10% funded directly by the health tax and yet they pretend they really want smokers to stop.

More worrying is where they will decide to get the shortfall from, given that the stats (I know they are not bang on) say 400,000 in England and Wales have quit.

Or in financial terms 364 million pounds in dropped revenue plus that a lot of people are smoking less. Perhaps 400 million as a conservative estimate.

Those speeding cameras and fines for having the wrong rubbish in your blue bin make a lot more sense now.