Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Cult of One?

Well they do say it's lonely at the top I guess, so it is quite amusing that on the Laour Party website page that lists all their MPs it appears the only one that has a website worth linking to is our oddball Prime Minister himself.

Click here for the full page screenshot in all its 'Cult of One' glory.


IanPJ said...

Or could it be that our Dear Leader is the only one that will speak for the party.

Bet it wont stop all the others claiming their 10k pa communications allowance...

Conand said...

That is so weird. This is one of the reasons they shouldn't be in government.
Despite feeling physically sick when visiting the labour site I had to check if this was true.
Sick sick sick liebore puppies, you're all mental.

Anonymous said...

Sad really, as all three Newham Labour MPs have websites (links to which can be found on my fledgling blog:

Yes, I know, this is a shameless plug for a localised blog, but I couldn't help myself.