Monday, August 18, 2008

Brown to bury bad news on 9/11?

According to this morning's Times there is significant discusion going on in Dowing Street about when it will be best to hold the Glenrothes by-election. According to the report,
A senior party source in Scotland said that there were grounds for holding the by-election early rather than late. “It would get the bad news out of the way quickly and Gordon could use his conference speech to rally support. What's the point of a relaunch in September if the impact is completely snuffed out in October?”
It all has echoes of a day being good to "bury bad news" doesn't it? This is particularly ironic because the date being touted just happens to be September 11th. Spin is dead. Long live spin!

I guess if they do go for that date and lose to the SNP as many seem to expect, the commentariat will have a nice easy analogy ready made for indicating how significant the day is for the Brown Premiership.


Anonymous said...

I suggest you have just convinced yourself that it will not on 9/11 then?

Brown's more immediate problem is does he campaign in the by-election in a seat that borders his? He is in a no-win situation having already said that PM's do not campaign in by-elections, which is bull shit.

Barnacle Bill said...

To hold the election on Septembre 11th would be an insult to all those who lost their lives on that day in the attack on the Twin Towers, many of them British subjects.
However, I suppose it is no surprise that our glorious unelected Leader has no shame in his feeble and devious attempts to hang onto power.

Letters From A Tory said...

They wouldn't dare - would they...?

Anonymous said...

Brown will let it be known they are thinking of holding it on September 11th, but he will dither and delay and then... change his mind, thus pissing everyone off. As is his way...