Saturday, July 26, 2008

Woman E speaks to Sky News

So... "Woman E", the lady in the Max Mosley S&M orgy that filmed the scene has decided, after not testifying in the privacy case, has come out of hiding to do a TV interview about how terrible she feels and how it has ruined the spook career of her husband.

What I find most amusing is that she was paid by the News of the World (News International) to do the sting, and now she's on Sky News (News International) presumably being paid giving an interview which the NOTW have reacted to by rejecting what she has said.

I always remember reading in Piers Morgan's diaries that there was massive competitiveness between the Sun and the NOTW, which each trying to nick the others scoops. I wonder if the same is true with Sky and the papers in the News International Group?

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