Sunday, July 06, 2008

What's good for the goose....

Have just read this post over at Iain Dale's and I have to say I don't agree with all of it. What I do agree with is the point Iain makes about some people on the Left who think anyone who is not white and a Tory has somehow sold out. It's pretty regressive and largely depressing that the politics of race can be reduced down to such low levels.

However, where I disagree with Iain is the general theme that Ray Lewis is a victim of the media mob and that is a sad state of affairs. It is not a sad state of affairs but is what the 24/7 news world has created today.

When the Tories were last in a position of significant power the level of scrutiny was very different. We see this sort of thing happen to Labour politicians all the time, do we complain? Of course not, we join in because it is the other side. Ray Lewis, and any Tory politician for that matter should expect the same.

The way I see it, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. What makes this more interesting I think is that Iain has also posted about a Comment is Free article noting the difference between right and left wing blogs. The general thrust of the CiF piece is that right wing blogs are successful because they are in opposition, and that things will change when they are not.

I don't think that is necessarily the case. It certainly isn't for me. When the Tories are back in Government, and it will happen one day, if this site is still going I will continue to pour over Hansard, submit FoI's and generally moan about "the Government".


Anonymous said...

Funny you should have that line "What's good for the goose" because I have a post on that very subject re Ms Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

Some pigs are more equal than others

As for the blogs, it is a matter of philosophy and character that differentiate the blogs on the right from those on the left is it not?

Anonymous said...

Your position would make sense if the scrutinty were applied to both sides:

canvas said...

Dizzy, And that is precisely the reason why your blog is far more interesting and balanced than Iain Dale's blog.

Iain Dale tends to get hysterical about weird little things. His over reactions are sometimes quite bizarre.


Sunday duty sub-editor said...

Diz: It's "pore over"...

"Pour over" is what your do with cream and fruit salad. Hope that helps.

Gareth said...

"It is not a sad state of affairs but is what the 24/7 news world has created today."

The 24/7 news world was quiet on the allegations against Lee Jasper until they became unavoidable.

This affair has been far more swift a kicking, aimed not just at Lewis but also Boris and the Conservatives.

dizzy said...

sunday sub : dsylexia and lack of coffee. *shrug*

Elby the Beserk said...

What you fail to add re blogs, is that the article also noted that "right wing" ones were funny and hard-hitting, whereas "left-wing" ones were boring and po-faced.

Which is about right.

Blue Eyes said...

I don't think the Tories can blame "the media" or "the Labour party" for their woes over Ray Lewis. It seems to me that he should have been properly vetted before his appointment. He wasn't, and therefore any "sleaze" is fair game for his opponents. Closer (24/7) scrutiny should help to clean up politics on both sides as people realise that they can't hide their secrets.

Anonymous said...

It isn't funny how the MSM and in particular the BBC are reporting the demise of Ray Lewis with an almost overt glee, but were strangely silent when Lee Grasper was accused of impropriety.

conand said...

Dizzy, you are right of course to state that your scrutiny will continue if and when the powers of light triumph.
On the point of meeja attention I would make some remarks. I've been a very active Conservative activist over the past year, during that time my admiration for my fellow activists (of all parties) has increased enormously.
In the field of Tory (or Pittite) activism I most admire those who (beyond the usual sneer of Tory this or Tory twat) encounter the weird accusation of being a racial traitor or some such.
This seems to eminate from the Graudniad reading classes. Which surprises me as phrases like 'racial traitor' were and are the currency of the Nazis.
I call it surprising but I meant 'not surprising at all' :D As even as far back as '95/'96 I considered the 'Third Way' to be somewhat akin to the 'Third Reich'.
I was lucky enough to meet Wilfred Emmanuel Jones at a party thang. Both being smokers we spent time together in the Gulag. He really is an inspiring chap. Sean Bailey is the best candidate we have irrespective of race, he is the new model for Conservative candidates and indeed MPs.
Fusing these thoughts with the fact that I always agree with James Cleverly, I realise that I'm probably running near to being the white equivalent of what the Grauds call an 'Uncle Tom'.
I expect all these guys to be pursued by the 'liberal' or progressive Gestapo.
I'm going to find that really annoying as I consider them to be my political leaders, above and beyond my fellow tory toffs.
I trust them totally and look forward to fighting the general election beside them. As the prophet once said, 'Bring it on!'