Monday, July 28, 2008

How much furniture did Brown break?

As many people will be aware, Gordon Brown is alleged to have a habit of going a bity mental resulting in the throwing of mobile phones, the kicking of tables and just general acts of violence against inaminate objects.

With that in mind I couldn't help but wonder what to read from figures given out by the Treasury about its spending on furnishing and fittings in the last five years. You see, 2003-04 it was a mere £69,000, in 2006-07 it was just £4,000 and for the past financial year it was £51,000.

What about the years in between from 2004 to 2006? Well in that time, at the height of the crazy tensions between Brown and Blair, they spent a staggering £1,075,000. Now far be it from me to suggest the Prime Mentalist may have gone a bit postal, but like I said, I can;t help but wonder.


Howard said...

Read Anderson in the Indy and then have a guess. His two examples of Brown's personality show why he is not fit be PM.

Conand said...

Not even the Prime Mentalist could trash a million quid's worth of furniture! Could he?

Man in a Shed said...

Surely a FOI request ?

Of course the last dictator to take it out on furnishing was Hitler who was know for chewing carpets.

Not a sheep said...

conand: If he really tried he could, and if he didn't I'm sure he could persuade his Cabinet that he had.

Herman D. HugeLoad IV said...

He's Scottish, they have to get like that sometimes.