Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gordon makes little girls cry

You did this Gordon! I hope you're ashamed of yourself!

Update: Apparently this blog made this joke yesterday and I stole it. Far be it from me to simple notice a high rating video on YouTube. Such is life.


Anonymous said...

That's the second story pinched from Tory Bear by big bloggers without a nod in as many days.

first it was dale and now you dizzy.

poor tory bear.

dizzy said...

Errr I don't think so. I just went on YouTube, saw the video and the opportunity for a joke. Don't make assumptions or I might think you're that twat Tim Ireland.

Alan Douglas said...

I so look forward to a Harperson or Balls premiership - NOPTHING else could make me yearn for a Brown return !

Alan Douglas

canvas said...

I think you'll find that the Webcameron Rejects were on to this video last year. This video is such old news. It's been on TV lots too....whatever... who really cares?

But , still, it's fun. I'm glad Dizzy is posting it. Anon you are so boring.

dizzy said...

Yeah I knew it was old

Anonymous said...

the dead tree press is constantly criticised by bloggers they've not stolen things from for the same reason

dizzy said...

and your point is?

Not a sheep said...

Is that David Miliband crying?

Tim Ireland's mate said...

I'm worried, very worried.

Margaret Hodge's team of Child Protection 'experts' (from her previous life in Islington) need to be despatched forthwith to re-educate the parents of this poor mite.

I cannot comprehend the poverty of experience that permits parents to inflict such pain and suffering on a child who is, evidently, in need of immediate and prolonged remidial therapy to counter the revisionist propaganda that the despised Balirites have inculcated into the delicate minds of our youngest citizens.

A multi-disciplinary team must be assembled and, after removing this child from her inadequate parents and sending them on an intensive Parenting Course at the University of Neasden out-reach centre in Bootle,they can begin the task of demonstrating (through play and example) that the child actually suffers from attention deficit syndrome, is dyslexic and hyper-active.

After therapy, I am confident that she will cry no more for the departed but come to embrace wholeheartedly her true hero, our GREATEST LIVING PRIMEMENTALIST, Gordon the Magnificent.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry Dizzy... that video is almost a year old.

I saw it six months ago but thought it was a bit behind the times for a blog.

Bloomin' funny though!