Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The future of knife crime for £200?

The Wasp Knife. Designed to freeze and explode the internal organs at the click of a button.
How long before we hear of someone taken out by one?


Lola said...

Oh great. Another horrible way to kill people available from your local store for £250 quid. I give it, what, 6 months?

Croydonian said...

You are missing a 'k' in the URL.

Meanwhile, check out where else it has been reviewed:

# Knife World - December 2007
# Knives Illustrated - January 2008
# Soldier of Fortune - January 2008
# Blade Magazine
# S.W.A.T Magazine - August 2008
# Tactical-Life.com

Knife World? Knives Illustrated? WTF?

Anonymous said...

Jesus, not only can you get stabbed but now some horrible little hoody can then freeze/explode your guts as well.

Knives illustrated....what next, Readers Knives?

JuliaM said...

Niche marketing. It's where today's magazines are at...

Of course, no proof whatsoever that this knife is in the country, but that doesn't stop the 'Daily Mail' from hyperventilating about it!

Ed said...

The makers say:

"WASP Injection Systems, Inc. does not condone the killing of innocent creatures."

It begs the question as to what a guilty creature may be.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't this be classified as being technically a firearm and would therefore require a licence in this country?

And we all know what a resounding success the handgun ban has been....

Anonymous said...

The knife is for divers, and does not warrant such fearmongering.

Anonymous said...

Th knife is designed to kill sharks and bears - unless there's been an epidemic of shark attacks or a bear invasion that I'm unaware of, why let it in the country at all?

Gareth said...

Designed to freeze and explode watermelons at the click of a button.

Will it work on the likes of Al Gore then?

V said...

This is yet another look what this bad knife can do story - never a look what bad people could do with this knife story.

There is no way that a hoodie is going to spend £300 on a knife with compressed air in the handle, when they can rob a cleaver from Tescos!

In context, this knife is a damn good idea.

It is a shame that your general commentator has never been in the position where they can debate the idea of knife crime with a hungry shark - it would make your pages quieter!