Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Welcome to Fascism 2008 style

It's almost a clcihe - or perhaps it is - to say that we live in strange times but clearly we do. After all, the environmentalist lobby, which largely consists of those who consider themselves on the Left, and in most cases are actually the far Left, are calling on the Prime Minister to face down fuel protests for the sake of the planet.

In effect what they are saying is that the loss of jobs in the haulage industry and the loss of wealth creation to the nations econmy can go to hell. People don't matter, only the planet matters. Presumably in their heads all those that lose their livelihood can simply be lumped on benefits insteads.

So much for the desire for full employment and the need to ensure 'workers' rights huh? These are the same people that will stand on the soapbox and scream about the rich and here they are calling for measures that will make those who not rich even less rich, and in many cases unemployed.


Anonymous said...

The more that Western nations have given the Left free room to express themselves, the more that the Left have displayed their true colours. It is clear that the campaigns for Workers Rights were merely a useful step along their journey. As they seemed to be "making progress" with them, the focus changed to destroying the Evils of Capitalism. With that premise now widely accepted, their true focus of gaining power, and retaining it indefinitely, is beginning to show itself. The Greenies are, of course, only one instrument in the orchestra, and may be played or kept silent as necessary by the conductor.

Of note is the way that the EU pays for Greenie bodies to lobby the EU to achieve Green policies!

It might also be worth digging up the artificial distinction between what we currently call the hard Left and the hard Right. We recognise both as being dictatorial styles of government, without actual democracy, tough retaining the trappings of it. This distinction owes its provenance to a PR disinformation campaign by the Soviet regime during the 1939-45 war as it distanced itself from the National Socialists that were the common enemy of the time.

With the EU showing itself to be increasingly intolerant of opposition, and to be a creation of the Left (with all its emphasis on the social aspects), it is not too difficult to guess where we are headed.

Stoo said...

So what are your ideas for reducing consumption of fossil fuels?

Apart from environmental issues, the less expensive the stuff is the sooner it'll run out. And unfortunately if we only ever focus on what we need today (jobs) we'll screw ourselves for tomorrow.

I don't like taxing people out of business. But something has to be done... heavy subsidy of new technologies, or public transport, or something. And people are going to have to accept some amount of sacrifice.

dizzy said...

Well that questions presupposes that I accept the "scientific consensus" and I don't because science is not about consensus. My personal solution about fossil fuels is to burn even more of them and make them run out, then there will be no choice to find an alternative power source.

Stoo said...

Not sure what you mean about consensus? You think the the conclusions scientists have reached are unreliable?

Also it might be a good idea to find those alternatives *before* the well runs dry.

machiavelli said...

I have four words for the sandal-wearing, muesli-eating brigade: price elasticity of demand.

I suggest they brush up on the economics of fuel.

Anonymous said...

The one certainty about science is that is will eventually be proved wrong.
Was it only 150 years ago that they believed that the space between the planets was filled with a jelly like substance called ether?
The whole green thing is bollocks and dodgy science. It can be claimed that burning fossil fuel is the only thing that is preventing another ice age.
There are hundreds of years worth of coal stocks that have been abandoned as a political move.
There's the technology to burn it cleanly and recover the heat, but our political masters won't allow it to happen.

bastards- all of them

Pogo said...

"Anon @ 11:16"

It's an inevitability when you consider that the most governments, MPs, civil servants and the vast majority of "environmental journalists" are scientifically illiterate.

Stoo said...

Unfortunately Mr Anonymous doesn't really understand science either.

Anonymous said...

Hard facts are thin on the ground in the environmental debate. I believe the UK generates 2% of global emissions. How much of that comes from cars and planes?

Dean said...


Can we look forward to lefties of the future praising Maggie for having had the foresight to close coal mines to prevent the further burning of fossil fuels?

Anonymous said...

What Stoo said 28-May-2008 09:07:00

Let the market sort it out; as oil really starts to run out so it will get more expensive until it becomes worthwhile for industrialists to invent something to replace it ( energy from water, hydrogen, thin air, whatever ). Our economies have only relied upon oil for 150 years or so and in the future it will be looked back upon as are the canals and steam trains; an historical curiosity and a dirty one to boot.

I see that overpopulation is on the agenda again. Last seen in the 70's with endless TV shots of starving Indians and Africans; that was largely solved by the Agricultural Revolution ( courtesy of western science ). I expect that we can come up with something new once again.