Thursday, May 22, 2008

Two observations

I have just two tiny observations this morning befopre I get to work on a server that is being moved. Firstly, I have just been informed through correspondance that at an airport in Ireland the security checkpoint appeared to be only inspecting the bags of those with an English accent whilst all Irish accents went through fine. This I found rather ironic.

The second observation is that Eurovision is on this weekend, and I'm sure friends of mine will be having parties (mostly gay men to be honest). I sincerely hope whilst watching the words "since when was Azer-bloody-bajan in Europe" are uttered. Seriously, I don't mind them being in it, I don't really care, but perhasp the organisers should consider a name change for the contest?


Bill said...

Or Israel? Who else isn't 'European'? The British entrant? Personally I look forward to the day countries such as Morocco and Tunisia compete, too, even if the Italians long ago pulled out through boredom.

Anonymous said...

A Pedant Writes: Azer-bloody-baijan is west of the Caucasus, ergo in Europe.

Anonymous said...

It's the Eurovision Song Contest not the European Song Contest. Any member of the European Broadcasting Union can enter, which would include Australia, and many other countries outside Europe.

MB said...

As has been written, it is the EUROVISION song contest, not European.

The EU have tried to claim some sort of connection to it, as do for anything else connected to Europe, but it has nothing to do with them. The EBU was founded well before the EU.

But it has become a joke with the range of entrants from outside Europe.

I won't be watching except perhaps for a short time to hear some of Wogan's comments on the contestants.