Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Photochopping Max Hastings..... badly

Whatever is happening with Max Hasting's spare hand and arm in the Daily Mail here? Just look at the bleed on his arm and the fact he has a waist the size of, well, it's a zero surely?

Click image for larger version
I've now started wondering whether size zero men, like size zero women have a 'low sex drive' as the Mail reported. Only Mrs Hasting will knows of course, and seeing as she says a flower named after him should be "a rock rose or a prickly pear" I think I'll just stop right there.

Mind you, don't you also wonder where his arm and hand might have been originally? What was the reason they felt the need to change it? The mind boggles! Now please excuse me I have to go and disinfect my brain with bleach to purge images that I did not need, nor have any desire to retain.

One for Photoshop Disasters no?


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure he was leaning on what must have been a pretty hideous gate.

They've shopped out the gate in the space between his arm and body and subbed with gravel and shrubs.

They've also taken out the gate under his arm and brought in gravel path.

Weird or what?

Gareth said...

The left side of the full picture also looks suspect. A section of the white pattern on the brickwork appears three times and the lines of bricks are skewif. A number of leaves in the hedge may be are identical too.

I've lightened the image to illustrate and it looks even worse.

Bill Quango MP said...

Isn't it Tony Blair's body? Those very tight jeans look like his.
Yes , swap the head for a smiley Blair, change the flowers for a mug of coffee and there you are.

The People's Prime Minister.

Jamie said...

BIZARRE. What was the point? What?

Having said that, when we were young we put empty crisp packets under the grill to make them shrink.