Sunday, April 20, 2008

Is Melissa Kite paying attention?

Has anyone read Melissa Kite, Deputy Political Editor of the Sunday Telegraph, column today? It's rather interesting. It talks about thirtysomethings, of which I am, but also talks about something called "Tony's Tories". These are people like me, socially liberal and economically liberal too.... personally I prefer to call them "Thatchers' Children" because that is what we really are.

However, what struck me was that my old friend, and arrogant blanker at conference, Mark Clarke, the PPC for Tooting - who I should add would not suffer my hatred were it not for what he did - is quoted in the article noting that,
"When I'm out on the doorsteps I say to people in their 30s 'have you ever voted Tory before' and they say 'no' and I say 'well, don't worry, it's not so bad after you have done it the first time.
You see, this got me wondering whether the "it's not so bad after you have done it the first time" also applied to getting jiggy with females columnists at the Sunday Telegraph or any other paper for that matter? I don't know, maybe it does? There are some hotties there after all!

The thing is, later on in the article Melissa, who is clearly "well in" with the machinations of Westminster speculates on a shadow Cabinet reshuffle saying that "Oliver Heald, and Theresa May have been tipped for demotion". Sweetie..... Darling...... Hottie(?). You do realise that Oliver Heald was demoted in July 2007 don't you? Did you just pick some random names out of the hat or something?

Obviously, what with me being a sad lonely type in his bedroom wearing his underwear (Calvin Klein I might add) I couldn't possibly be more clued in than you as a Westminster "insider". But I do read the papers and pay attention to the news at least, thus being able to point out when you're talking (or perhaps eating?) bollocks!


not melissa kite said...

OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhh --- you're so, so, so, so, so . . . . SEXIST!

And Iain Dale is such a MISOGYNIST for linking to this!

(Did I mention I was msize zero and single, by the way?)

Infoholic UK said...

Oh I dunno, there might be something in it.

As a former Labour supporter in my late teens and twenties (perhaps because I was too young to remember anything other than the last few weeks of the Callaghan administration), I find that my political and economic awakening in my thirties has taken me clear through the Tories and straight into UKIP territory.

So yes, I am pushing 38, am an avowed free market libertarian, and I have never voted Tory. Still don't plan to unless Dave puts a lot more clear blue water between himself and the current government.

As it turns out, I spent my 20s living in Tower Hamlets and my 30s in Epping. Therefore my vote has always been worth f-all anyway. Maybe I should move to a marginal...

dizzy said...

'Not melissa Kite', did you take lesson from a former Deputy Prime Minister to reach your dress size?

Semaj Mahgih said...

What's it matter the bollocks she talks as long as she moves you.

Praguetory said...

When I'm out on the doorsteps I say to people in their 30s 'have you ever voted Tory before'

Probably the worst canvassing line - assumptive, apologetic and negative.

Travis Bickle said...

Very similar situation to the 1979 election. People, myself included, who previously would never have voted Conservative under any circumstance put our best ever prime minister in power. Sadly the current leader of the Blue Green Tory Party isn't a patch on the great lady but 1000% better than the charlatan and economic incompetent that needs to be replaced whilst we still have a country to save.