Sunday, March 09, 2008

Will the UK survive the international hack?

Following on from the ID cards stuff in recent days and the Government's belief that it can build systems that simply cannot be hacked into, I wonder how the UK will fair in a few days time when Cyber Storm II begins?

Cyber Storm II is an international hacking exercise operated by the Department of Homeland Security that will see the national security of Australia, the United States, Canada, the UK and New Zealand put to the test between March 11 to 14.

More info on ComputerWorld.


Anonymous said...

What an excellant time for real
hackers to have a go.False flag
style,under cover of the official
hack.It only takes one person on the inside to negate all security measures for any real hackers.There is no such thing as hack proof,if there was then the American military would not be being hacked thousands of times a day.

greek geek said...

Why only hack your friends? They could have lots of fun with China, Russia, Iran, N Korea etc.