Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Welcome to Londongrad

That's right, first the dictator does an oil deal with Livingstone the Trotskyite entryist. Then the dictator orders his Defence Minister (live on TV) to send tanks to the border of Ecquador because they killed some communist narco-terrorists.

Now he's getting advertising in the local London press using London taxpayers money.


Phil Taylor said...

Hi Dizzy,

This ad campaign cost £975 million and was paid for by Londoners.

The Mayor is doing lots of double counting here. He says the £15 million from Venezuela's poor offsets the cost of giving the travel concession. But he also tries to kid us that the Venezuelans pay for the ads - only you can only spend money once.

Full story here:

Anonymous said...

What about the capitalist narco
gangsters (CIA) , the local "turf" war is not as you suggest ,Chaves
has the moral high ground ,in self defence .The American puppets are scum.