Sunday, March 02, 2008

A staggering statistic

Apparently, 1 in 100 Americans is banged up in jail. That is what the 'Pew Report' says. Brad over at Crossed Pond has more (diamond geezer incidentally) noting that the breakdown is
1 in 54 adult men [and] 1 in 9 African Americans between the ages of 20 and 35.
In a nation of what? 400 million thereabouts that is, to put it bluntly, a shitload of people in prison.
Hat Tip: Crossed Pond


Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention the 900,000
suspected terrorists on the no fly list. phyzx

Gman said...

you will find the extremely high levels of criminalities amongst american blacks (and thus their representation in prison) skews the numbers hugely. The breakdown for white males, while higher then the UK, not shockingly higer

TrevorH said...

Ho hum ...

I am not sure the figures are much different for places as diverse as Russia and the Cayman Islands (at least according to a Home Office report admittedly dated a few years back.

As a comment on the report says ... "In the past 20 years, according the Federal Bureau of Investigation, violent crime rates fell by 25 percent, to 464 for every 100,000 people in 2007 from 612.5 in 1987.
“While we certainly want to be smart about who we put into prisons,” Professor Cassell said, “it would be a mistake to think that we can release any significant number of prisoners without increasing crime rates. One out of every 100 adults is behind bars because one out of every 100 adults has committed a serious criminal offense.”"

Am I right in thinking that violent crime in the UK is rising? Thats a shitload of violent crime.

Anonymous said...

Also Kentucky has the worst stat rise, 3 % increase in crime over the last 30 years , with a 600%
increase in prison population over the same time.

Private prison profits must be soaring , could be some foul play
causeing this as it certainly isnt
related to the crime figures.

Diablo said...

The USA population is not 400 million - more like 300 million - but it's still a heck of a lot of people in jail - or more precisely, the "Correctional System"!

canvas said...

That's why it so important for Obama to be the next president. Education, economics and healthcare - key issues.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean the extremely high level of criminal CONVICTIONS among american blacks.

You can't draw conclusions about the criminality of a group of people from conviction rates. At least not without knowing that the criminal justice system is always and everywhere disinterested.

Anonymous said...

2,319,258 adults in total.
One in every 99.1 people.
It has nothing to do with serious
crime.The 900,000 on the no fly
list also has nothing to do with
real terrorists.(figure from ACLU)
Its the worst figures in the world,
Free market democracy ,has some downsides.

Geoff said...

(figure from ACLU)

Well that about says it all. Their statistics are about as honest as Broons.