Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Prezza Junior begs for second preference votes

You have to love the "I hope a 2nd preference isn't out of the question!! Yours David" at the bottom don't you? The letter is being sent to the CLP members.

Click image for enlarged version


Anonymous said...

To quote a proper East Yorkshire phrase:

"What a Pillock"

His father did SBA for Hull and I would see his son doing even less


Iain Dale's Rabbit said...

A new low Dozy.

Anonymous said...

So he's been working to raise achievement in State schools, has he? Presumably, then, this was the introduction of the Prescott Thesaurus and Grammatik for MS Word, making 'Two Jags, no verbs' an acceptable, intelligible sentence?

Following on from the McDonald's degrees triumph, is he now promising the introduction of Shoeshine Dave's Elementary Learning Certificate? Or does his promise to help 'our kids shine at school' refer to some alternative employment prospects?

dizzy said...

The Rabbit is back. I've missed you Mr Wabbit! I hope you've cleaned yourself what with the sex toy innuendo in your name.