Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who got a card then?

Apparently, according to an answer by Gordon Brown in written questions, he spent £1,379 on approximately 1500 Christmas cards last year. I wonder who the lucky 1500 were. Did the Blair's get one? What's more at less than a pound a card, they sound like they came from a dodgy discount store.


Unsworth said...

And who paid for the postage - or did he deliveer them all himself in the interests of 'economy'?

Paul Linford said...

I think all Labour MPs get one (that's 351 excluding himself), all members of the Lobby (about 250) and all Downing Street staff (about 150). That accounts for around half of the 1,500.

Anonymous said...

Did he send them via TNT and did they all get delivered?

grumpy grandad said...

And has he got a secretry with a rubber stamp or did he personally sign each one? If the latter, thjat woulod explain his long curious absences from the public eye.

Iain Dale's Rabbit said...

Gosh Dizzy what a story. Your old ma and pa must be so proud. Woodward and Bernstein eat your heart out, Dizzy is on the case.

There's a word I'm struggling for, begins with 'T', ends in 'T' as well. That's it. Twat.

dizzy said...

Actually mother would be turning in her grave. Well, crumbling maybe it's been a long time. There's a word I'm struggling for, begins with 'C' in 'T' as well. That's it. Carrot.

Oh look, I can do humour in a far superior way to you. Hardly a surprise of course but then I do have a superbly large brain coupled with a very small penis, it's a killer combination it really is.

Devil's Kitchen said...

For that price, I would imagine that he had them lithoprinted.

Design: £300.
Printing of 2,000 full colour cards, scoring, etc.: roughly £320, if that.

Call it 31p a card.

Presumably, the rest was spent on postage or something.


Pete Chown said...

Post a picture of your penis and you'll overtake Guido Fawkes in no time!