Friday, February 08, 2008

Tory students resign for going to a fancy dress party?

Apparently the Scottish secretary of Conservative Future, David Harris, along with the secretary of Glasgow University Conservative Association, Jamie Johnston have resigned from the party to save damaging the party after they had their pictures on Facebook dressed as a master and slave at a party.

Apparently, one of them was wearing a a khaki outfit pulling along a handcuffed friend dressed in ripped clothes with fake blood stains. Now please, can someone explain why students doing something that students do, at a fancy dress party, is a resigning matter? Or for that matter does it mean that if you're actually into that sort of thing it is incompatible with politics in the 21st century?

Are they supposed to live the life of eunachs?


ianvisits said...

Having seen the picture in the Daily Record, which describes the incident as "sick" and "revolting" I am also at a complete loss as to what the issue actually is.

From the descriptions going around, I was half expecting at least a quantity of whips and leather to be involved, but it seems to be just two fairly sensibly dressed people at a party.

It's quite something when politicians have become so drab recently, that the papers can't even come up with a decent sex scandal anymore.

Matt Jones said...

Maybe it was something engineered to get the blogging community talking about them?

The Grumbler said...

Dizzy, I suspect it's just because the moment Labourites got their grubby hands on it, they'd spin the usual "nasty Tories", "Tories love slavery" and "Tories hate minorities" lines, even though race seems completely irrelevant to it.

Then, a Labour minister would be caught at a similar party in Blackface, and would claim he was simply trying to understand the plight of minorities.

asquith said...

Agree, Dizzy. I think it's athe biggest load of dogshit of all time that employers, for example, are looking up people's details on Facebook. They want people who actually have a life to work for them, don't they? They'd be the first to complain if someone with no social skills came in, yet if you go out and have a good time you're punished for it.


Rob Marrs said...

Both lovely lads who haven't really done anything wrong. The Daily Record loves the possibility to bash Tories... better still if they are students who happen to be members of the GUU. (These stories tend to come about every couple of years:

Students eating goldfish 2001
Students playing 'dirty games' on stage where females get drunk and naked 2003
Student rugby captain hits Federico 2004
Students dress up as chavs 2005

etc etc