Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Sun excels itself with its headline

What can I say, a quality headline of magnificent proportions, on a subject that I haven't spoken of simply because I've been in a shock at what an idiot Williams is ever since I first read it.


Howard said...

What is most interesting is the the political class has done nothing to shut this down and has let the criticism grow. This must be a first. Knowing he was to become a catholic, it is all Blair's fault. he appointed him after all!

Anonymous said...

The Archdruids comments have to be read in context of to whom they were being addressed.

It's not such a barmy idea as you may think.

The Heresiarch said...

Not commented? I assumed your piece about church roofs was some sort of metaphor.

mitch said...

watch out for sneaky announcements while the bearded nutter gets hammered.

Travis Bickle said...

Ah the old "context" defence.

Misquoted or not this is an area he should not be commenting on at all, full stop. The more you give an inch to these fundamentalists they more they will keep pushing on the inevitable march to UK becoming a full blown Islamic region of the EUSSR at some future date.

Tony Kennick said...

Dizzy> Make sure you go and read what he actually said before you do comment, not just the media hype.

Travis> This is nothing to do with fundamentalism, this is about people getting to resolve civil issues like divorce and financial issues according to their faith. Do you object to the Rabbinical courts to? Are they a sign of a slide towards Britain becoming a Hebrew enclave?

Anonymous said...

Archbishop Williams,

O what a Cuntuar

Anonymous said...

Archbishop Williams,

O what a Cuntuar

tapestry said...

Interesting that the BBC are quite protective of him.

More evidence of the widening divide between the media and their cultural marxist controllers, and their common sense audience.

Should all help David Cameron who has the air of common sense about him, unlike Gord.

flock me! said...

I'd love to post a sensible comment but am unable to do so.
Instead I'll say that as a christian and as a complete bishop basher I wholeheartedly agree.

dougal said...

Tony k - Judaic law refers to the Jews only, the driving force of Sharia is that it should be the way of life AND of all government across the world. True Sharia does not recognise democracy or political differences, since there can be no other way than the unalterable word of God, as expressed in the Q'ran and the Haditth.

I am getting seriously pissed off with this ignorant relativism.

GDS said...

Tony, inch and mile spring to mind. Be careful what you wish for!

PHYZX said...

Magistrates courts are a religeous outfit "talmud"
In the jewish holy book it says "you shall set up magistrates courts" a noahide law.
we are also under the "law of the sea" also with dogmatic roots,
EU law ,not british
The beth din is a court system in britian."religeous outfit"
Why havnt we got christian courts ?
So I think the bishop is right,and
the bill of rights,common law,constitutional law,international law all affect us ,whats one more.
Sharia law would work under British law so the nasty bits would not be allowed by their rules.
phyzx. "truth not hype"
ps Common law is still top dog.

Twig said...

The Archbishop has spent too much time in academia, he should get a proper job involving hard manual labour in the real world. It would be an education for him and also good for his soul.