Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Old Bailey experience ended yesterday....

For anyone wondering, I actually finished Jury Service at the Old Bailey yesterday and went back to work today after four weeks. That's why posting has been light today because I've been quite busy at work, having had a month off and all.

I'm afraid I am unable to publish anything about the case due to a reporting restriction that was placed on the trial, which to my knowledge at least, remains in place on the details.

If you know me personally of course you can always ask what it was about and I might tell you, but otherwise you'll never know. Sorry.

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It Will Come to Me said...

In my old fashioned mind the concept of twelve good men and true (Jury Service) and Democracy go hand in hand. Well done you for doing your bit.

And I'm wondering if you have any views on how the Jury System fits into today's social environment.

Fifty years ago it seemed to fit hand in glove, as it were. Now it's based on majority voting. And, since ones 'peers' are now 'multi cultural' (and therefore don't necessarily share the same beliefs and values that they probably would have done in the Fifties) it's all perhaps a different kettle of fish.

In other words does it still make sense to be judged by twelve(ish)- give or take a couple who don't agree - good men and true?

I'm not inviting you to comment on the case you were involved with. Rather, I'd be intrigued by your views on the Jury System in 'this day and age'.