Monday, February 04, 2008

Let the boy buy a butt plug Gordon!

Everyone today should be on the side of poor Danny Beattie. Who is Danny Beattie you may ask? Well he's just random person that has raised the following petition at Downing Street.
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Lower the legal age for the purchase of "Sex Toys" to 16. Currently the legal age for purchase of sex toys is 18. The legal age for consent to sex is 16.

When children reach the age of puberty, they start wondering what sex is like. Many will want to try sex as soon as they possibly can, whether practising safely or not. Lowering the age of sex toys would, I believe, help to reduce childrens curiosity as to what sex is like. Instead of going out and having sex with someone and possibly getting an STI or becoming pregnant, they could use a sex toy.

Currently this is not possible and I believe that the age limit of 18 only serves to further childrens desires to have sex.
Makes you wonder what he might be using currently doesn't? Of course he has a point about the inconsistency. But to be honest it's far more likely that they'd equalise up than down on consent if they could be bothered to resolve the anomoly.

After all, if they let 16 year olds buy vibrators and the likes then the next thing would be lowering the age for buying porn too*. Can you imagine the reaction in the Daily Mail?
* Yes people really do still pay for porn in the Internet Age. Weird huh?


JuliaM said...

"Instead of going out and having sex with someone and possibly getting an STI or becoming pregnant, they could use a sex toy.

Currently this is not possible..."

Why not? It's illegal to buy cigarettes, but kids still get their hands on them. Can't they just find a dodgy sex toy seller (heh...) or ask a passerby 'Hey, mister, would you pick up a vibrator for me if I give you the money?'

Rickytshirt said...

What's wrong with using soft fruit and warm puddings?

I for one prefer them to actual women as you can consume them afterwards.

The only thing getting up the duff will be my plums.

Trixy said...

Why do you have to be any age to buy a sex toy?

Is there a legal age for masturbation?

machiavelli said...

Do you think Gordon has a butt plug of his own? Sometimes when he's talking, he looks like he might be practicing on it with his sphincter at the same time...

Guy Herbert said...

Whisper it not in Derry Street, nor within a mile of the Home Office (which is running short of things to ban), but there's no age limit for buying printed or internet pornography either.

Martin Shapland said...

This was actually an LDYS campaign a few years back... bringing down the age you can buy sex aides and porn to th eage of consent... its odd that you can have sex... but you can't record yourself having sex...

jd said...

"Is there a legal age for masturbation?"

Haven't you heard Trixy? The Home Office are considering making these compulsory for under 16s:

Danny said...

Hello. I am in fact the author of the above petition.

I can confirm that I do not use sex toys. I just find it out that people are allowed to have sex at 16 and not buy sex toys until 18.

Whilst I agree that the age for sex could go up, I believe it to be of more effect for the sex toy age restriction to be lowered.

Thankyou to all who have commented.

Danny said...

In addition to the previous comment.

Oh, and as for the title, I am currently 19, turning 20 this year so the age restriction itself is of no personal worry.