Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ladyman prepares his post-Common career path?

What is it about the former Transport Minister, Stephen Ladyman getting himself into dodgy situations? He was accused of irregularities with lobbyists whilst he was Transport Minister and now he's gone and done a Blunkett since losing his job in the Brown purge.

What do I mean by "done a Blunkett"? Well, as we know David Blunkett was Home Secretary and wanted to introduce ID cards. Since leaving that post he become more vocal about how important they are. His vocalness is of course nothing whatsoever to do with his financial interests in a company that is bidding for the ID contract of course.

So what has Stephen Ladyman done? Well he's now a remunerated adviser to Itis Holdings Plc, which is a company interested in such things as road pricing. Am rather annoyed with myself for not spotting that one in the Register the other day like I am guessing Holly Watt at the Sunday Times did.

I reckon it's pretty evident that Stephen Ladyman is preparing his post-Commons career. After all, he holds South Thanet with a majority of just 664. I certainly wouldn't be betting against him losing it, and I reckon he isn't either.


Bancock Bill said...

I'm interested in Ladymen.
Could Stephen post a picture and let us know his services and fees.

Anonymous said...

look whose also a director of itis