Friday, January 11, 2008

The ID Loyalty Card?

[The Department of Culture Media and Sport] will be working with the Home Office prior to the introduction of the National Identity Scheme to establish how identity information held on the proposed National Identity Register might be used to provide easier access to our services for our customers."
It's going to become like a bloody supermarket loyalty card without the choice element isn't it?


Alex said...

5% discount on a peerage for every 10 stop and searches undergone?

Alex said...

The fact is that the ID card is hardly likely to make it easier to use any of the DCMS facilities. Was there ever a problem because of a lack of ID?

The reality is that the government is studying how to make it harder to use these facilities without an ID card.

Ed said...

It's going to be like a supermarket card, except compulsory and universal. One will have to swipe it when buying chocolate or fizzy drinks, cigarettes or alcohol and points will accrue. When you get to A&E, the number of bad points will determine your waiting time. Likewise the good points will accrue when using DCMS-approved sports and cultural facilities.

The ID card will make us a better, nicer, cleaner, greener, healthier society and the total destruction of personal freedom is no doubt a price worth paying for the creation of Socialist Utopia.

Anonymous said...

If you had to use the damn card to buy fags and beer then when you pitch up at a hospital and they take your ID you will be refused treatment and they have proof this will be bruuns nhs constitution.
the goverment will be looking over your shoulder 24/7.
Evolution will then kick in and an underground barter system will be used to buy these items undermining the system just like ration books/black market during the last attempt to unify europe.
control/taxes go up revenue will fall.

Anonymous said...

And on the way in the US too:

James Schneider said...

I'm afraid that all this is coming. The only thing we can do is point blank refuse. What are they going to do if 500,000 people engage in civil disobedience and refuse to have a card. What are they going to do? Fine half a million people? We won't pay. Put .5M people in prison? Not likely. Deny half a million people public services? There'd be a popular revolt.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Their pathetic plans for these cards may be anything, but I will NEVER carry one or cooperate in ANY way with the sinister scheme.