Monday, January 07, 2008

Hilary blames the system

Via Andrew Sullivan the following from a Clinton Campaign email.
The Iowa caucus process is a broken and flawed process. It was designed to allow for the active party Dems generally known to one another to assign delegates and was not designed to handle a flood of students and independents. It was a system designed to give more power to Dem party loyalists. In the tension over whether the candidates should be chosen by the party or by the general public, the Iowa caucus was designed to give the party the advantage. For this reason, the Iowa system failed on Thursday.
As Sullivan says, "Translation: we couldn't control it. So it sucks."


canvas said...

And what will he say about New Hampshire?! :)

rightsideforum said...

Hillary is desperate. She is crashing and burning at an almighty rate.

Doomed to defeat tommorow, now behind in South Carolina and pretty much on the decline everywhere else.

The Clinton crime family is dangerous, at their most dangerous when on the ropes.

sherlock said...

The odious witch is sobbing now. Heart bleeds and all that.

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Still dangerous, Dizzy, on the reading for today. It's her home turf.