Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Demos crticises Britiain's proportional representation voting system?

The video below is by the left-wing think tank Demos and they seem to be a little confused. Around two minutes into the video the narrator says
"You could argue that the proportional representation system skews us toward a crude two-party system that misrepresents the diversity of political opinion." [set against image of Parliament]
Well you could argue that I guess. That would of course require us to actually have a proportional representation system of voting though. Did no one at Demos check the video and say "errr when did we get rid of First past the Post then?"


canvas said...

Dizzy, to be fair he did say 'take voting reform' ?

But he could have put it more clearly. As they say on the website - hopefully you get the gist.


dizzy said...

See I wanted to be fair, but then I listened to it over and over again and he doesn;t say "Take voting reform. If we had a PR system it could be argued that it would do xyz". But it doesn't say "could" or "would".

Morus said...

I found this video quite facile. It is also very simple to understand the "Me vs We" gulf - part status answers, part self-delusion, part "I am doing well, but other people (who also think they are doing well) are destroying society". You judge your own success subjectively, but claim to judge society objectively. If this is what Demos are pumping out, it isn't suprosing their has been a death of decent policy there as well.

Charlie Tims said...

Dizzy / canvas: Fair cop – this is a mistake we should have spotted. Thanks for pointing it out – I guess it proves your audience is always smarter than you are! We’ll correct the video and let you know when the new one is up.


Charlie Tims