Monday, January 14, 2008

Cameron agrees double declarations can be frustrating

Further to this morning's post wondering why the system whereby MPs declare financial donations requires them to do so in two places, thus duplicating data unnecessarily and potentially causing all sorts of unnecessary media stories. It would appear David Cameron was asked about this point at his press conference by Conservative Home today after they read the post.
The Conservative leader said that rationalisation "would be worthwhile" but that it didn't need to be done from "on high". The Electoral commission could streamline procedures in direct talks with the parliamentary authorities. Mr Cameron agreed from personal experience that double reporting was frustrating.
Well that's good to here. I'd be surprised if there were any arguments from across the political spectrum about it really. Registering financial donations in one place rather than two makes much more sense.


Norfolk Blogger said...

No, I agree with you 100%, and "Call me Dave", for once. It is a ludicrous duplication of time and effort.

comfy socks and co-op rum said...

The guy thinks he's the PM,daft fellow also thinks he is going to be the PM.