Friday, January 04, 2008

Another day another IT overrun?

Have just read this report from the Communities and Local Government Select Committee which had this little snippet in it.
FiReControl will create nine amalgamated Regional Control Centres to replace 46 existing control rooms in England, on the model already used to merge three control rooms into one in London in 1990. IT costs were originally budgeted at £120 million, with a planned completion date for the IT part of the project of 2009. The latter has slipped to 2011, with the cost now estimated at £190 million.
So that's £70 million over budget and two year late (so far), but more importantly, who decided to call it "FiReControl"?

I'm guessing the crazy capitalisation is the FRC standing for Fire Regional Control? Either way it looks like something you would see after you've been fragged by someone with a railgun in one hand and a flame thrower in the other.*

* this is gamer speak for being shot by an eleven year old who then screams "Lolllerskat3s! FiReControl!" in text on your screen.


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canvas said...

i just don't get it! :)

"General PHYZX" said...

Its just a thought but F . R .
could be "the Fird Reich ".ha ha.
About as funny as the only two
recovered engines on 9 / 11.
Were from 737s .(fact).

whistle blower said...

The whole FIRELINK project is over budget and running late. The governments appointed PM team Mott McDonald (mostly ex military types) are more interested in the paper chase than the actual deployment of the hardware.

O2 the previous owners of Airwave had seen the writing on the wall and off loaded the TETRA network on to an Australian private equity company who purchased it without first carrying out due diligence.

It will all go 'tits up' in 18 months as credit crunch goes global and McQuaries will be unable to raise the capital to finnish the installation of the infrastructure and the liquidated damages kick in