Sunday, December 09, 2007

Muslim Friends of Labour a front for one man?

The Sunday Times is reporting that the spotlight is now on the group called Msulim Friends of Labour has it has learned that almost all of its donation have come from one person, suggesting that it is merely a front to donate anonymously to the Labour Party.

I imagine the instant reaction from Labour people will be to talk about the Midlands Industrial Council and say that is the same thing. Apart from of course that the membership of the MIC is out in the open.


mitch said...

They make mugabee and co look like democrats every day its more sleaze,more snouts in my wallet and no resignations.We are gonna have to drag em out and string em up.

Alex said...

Perfectly legal, provide that, as an unincorporated association, it has a business or activity in the UK. Same as for the MIC.

The law was drafted by Labour and I am not aware of either side objecting on this point, so until the law is changed, both sides should give this one a rest.

Chris Paul said...

Old hat and Alex says perfectly legal cf MIC. At least the Times have not continued their smears against the guy.