Monday, December 10, 2007

Cause and Effect?

November 23rd: Gordon Brown attacked by former military chiefs
December 10th: Gordon Brown visits troops in Basra and promises handover by Christmas

Is this just a cynical post or was that a cynical visit?


True Blue said...

Dizzy: That was a cynical visit, carried out for the benefit of Brown and his beleagued Labour party. He knows it and more to the point, our brave Troops know it.
The word "Cynical" is an understatement, "Sinster" is a more suitable word to describe Brown and his coterie of sycophants !

Man in a Shed said...

Dizzy - don't think your cynical enough. Personally I link Gordon's demand British hostages are released to his appeasment of handing over Basra almost on the same day.

Remember they are immoral and shameless.

What I think is clearly wrong is the use of British military personnel as Labour party rent a crowd by the man who is hanging them out to die becasue he failed to properly fund the military or reduce its commitments.

The gap year student "Dave" Miliblogger is getting all excited about committing more troops to Kosovo now - I wonder if they've fixed the bug in the MOD computer that means these troops aren't being paid properly ?

Colin Moore said...

Regardless of his motives, can we trust his numbers?

Only 120 of the 1,000 soldiers back by Christmas promised on the last "morale-boosting" visit have actually left Iraq.

...I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions

Anonymous said...

"cheifs"? - did you mean chavs?

dizzy said...

was that meant to be insult?

Alex said...

If you mean "is Brown prepared to pull out to save money, rather than fund trooops properly and regardless of the consequences?", then I think the answer is a clear "yes".

Was I the only person struck by the absurdity of Brown demanding the release of hostages only days after pushing for longer periods of detention without charge? At least he didn't talk about liberal democracies and the rule of law.

Anonymous said...

Amazing man our leader. he was quoted in one paper I read as saying that he would be staying up on Saturday into Sunday morning to watch "Ricky" (his new mate) fight in Las Vegas. Then he pops up in Basra on Sunday!!

My disbelief at his latest attempt to be "populist" by using sport is strengthened by the visit to Basra. I simply do not believe that he signed up to Sky Box Office (price £14.99) to watch a boxing match just before leaving for Basra.
Trivial incident perhaps but symptomatic of the lying toad he is.

Anonymous said...

It's clear that the PM should never seek to visit troops overseas, anywhere, ever.

bebopper said...

Brown's out there to brag about kicking Taliban ass at Musa Quia, a town the Taliban will retake as soon as we leave it.
It makes up for not being able to congratulate "on air" our boxing chump Ricky Hatton.

Anonymous said...

"The war will soon be over and we'll all be home for Christmas"

Now where have we heard *that* before?