Friday, September 28, 2007

The Little Chipmunk's secret forums?

Remember my posts about Hazel Blears' Department of Communities and Local Government website having relaunched with forums and blogs? It should come as no surprise that the place is Tumbleweed Central.

It boasts that it has 3,771 users who have contributed to 47 threads and 79 posts, which suggests it has a serious lurker membership. Mind you, if you look a little closer it becomes apparent that (at the time of writing) it actually only has 17 threads, with 39 posts.

So where are the other 8 threads and 50 posts. They couldn't be in the secret forums here and here could they? Sneaky huh? I bet they're either full of civil servants wondering why no one wants to discuss "New-look Local Government Pension Schemes", or Government employed webdevs laughing about what a pointless exercise it all was.


Rickytshirt said...

I wonder what the £/post ratio is?

Anonymous said...

or they could be members of CP. Common Purpose.