Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gummer and Goldsmith: 'sandal-wearing green crusaders'

Roger Helmer MEP has written a stinging attack on his blog about the leaked details of the Quality of Life report from John Gummer and Zac Goldsmith. In his response he calls Gummer and Goldsmith "sandal-wearing green crusaders" which made me chuckle. He's also given a response to Tory Radio, and I see that Iain is not best impressed either.

In other news, there is of course this crazy tale about the Lib Dems wanting to ban petrol cars. This shouldn't really be a surprise, the Lib Dems in the European Parliament are leading calls that will effectively outlaw cars which I posted about in June. I guess I should add that I'm pretty much in agreement with Iain, Helmer et al. The ideas sound silly, but then it is silly season. I note also that the war against a style of car (4x4s) goes on. On that point they can take their extra-tax and stick it where the sun doesn't shine with a carrot.


Jonathan Sheppard said...

So can we assume that they will be leading by example and all giving up petrol cars now?

Mountjoy said...

This 'leak' is bad timing as we were all having a go at Labour and now quite a few people have turned their fire on the Tories over the Gummer-Goldsmith report.

Fortunately, there may not be much of this on the news as Ming is trying to grab the news agenda today!