Thursday, May 31, 2007

Talking about Africa always get you a headline

As many will be aware, Tony Blair is off galavanting around Africa on his farewell tour, and the BBC has in the last few moments published the headlines "Blair issues Africa action call".

Three years ago in 2004 the headline was "Blair launches Africa commission" accompanied by the wistful looking picture (right) of him close to tears after having said the state of Africa is a "scar on the world's conscience".

Step back another two years to 2002 and we have "Blair to call for Africa aid package". The year before we had "Blair promises to stand by Africa" and are told that the state of poverty in Africa is "a scar on our consciences" - sound familiar doesn't it?

At what point does someone step back and say. Blair? Africa? What a load of hot air and bollocks!


Ed said...

I think most of us stopped believing him in about 1994!

James said...

I suppose the British tax payer is funding this farewell tour.

Would love to know how much its cost because I'm sure the money could have been better spend on education, hospitals, etc. etc. than on this pompus buffoons self-promotional tour.

Chris Paul said...

But looks like it happened at 13:11 today hurrah. And then at 00:18 tomorrow someone called you for being arrogant and cynical and not recognising (a) the good that has been done (b) that more needs to be done and (c) that it was Blair Brown and Benn what did it.

Ben Bow said...

Blair could put his money where his mouth is and, with Cherie,Geldoff, and Bono, retire to Nigeria,or Sierra Leone, Somaliland, or even Jo'burg. Then I'll believe him ( and them! )
Come on, Tony . . . lead the way!

dizzy said...

Chrisp, you're talking crap. Nothing good has happened, look at Zimbabwe, look at Darfur. The entire continent remains a shit heap, it's just words.

Guido Faux said...


How many trillions have the west given to Africa over the last 50 years and what has it achieved?

Aid dependecy - that's what.

We send cash and it's spent on arms.
We send food and put their farmers out of business.

Send them nothing. Abolish trade tariffs - that'll sort them out.

true blue said...

Dizzy.8.08am: Nothing new there then re Chris P! To get a measure of his wisdom he`s backing Hazel nutty Blears as Deputy leader !
As for the vain glorious Blairs in Africa what a pair of deluded morons, the whole continent must be laughing at them ! As Ricky Tomlinson (of the Royle Family fame) would say "My A----" !. A well known Mancunian expression with which ChrisP.will be acquainted !

verity said...

Guido Faux - this has been my theme song for years. No more aid for the richest continent on the planet. They are sitting on such a wealth of natural resources like gold, diamonds, oil, uranium,etc, plus fertile lands that are capable of producing more than enough to feed the inhabitants.

But they are corrupt, greedy, stupid, lazy cowards. These character defects are not in our power to cure, and in any event, why should we?

The EUSSR needs to abolish tariffs, let free trade reign and let those with an entrepreneurial spirit try their hand. But not one penny more of free money from the taxpayers of the West. Sixty years of being a wet nurse to the continent of Africa is ridiculous.

If they they fail, they fail. It's their own fail.

Alternatively, as they can't manage their own strong men and are wallowing in corruption, the British should go back in and sort it out. But this time, don't leave.