Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Has Hazel Blears' money run out?

Whatever is going on at the little chipmunk's campaign website? All her videos bar one appear to be broken. Perhaps the money has run out and she's forgotten to pay the bill? Or maybe the dirty tricks have moved on a level to issuing delet commands?

As an aside, I bet the money wouldn't run out for Peter Hain, that champagne lefty has managed to blag himself £77,000 in donations from all sorts of good wealth distribution socialists!

Update: Interesting, Guido links to this post and within a matter of 40 minutes or so the badnwidth meter has been filled up with pennies. Normal service is resumed for the Little One.


Anonymous said...

Given that a local businessman has recently donated £10,000 to her campaign, I doubt that she's out of cash. That said local businessman is busy buying assets off the council and putting in big planning applications is also surely co-incidental to the donation...

dizzy said...

That wasn't recnetly, it was bloody ages ago.

Chris Paul said...

And the idea that donations get planning consents is so very last but one century. Hazel's not on the council btw. So it is going into the wrong pocket even by 1875 standards.

G Eagle Esq said...

Dear Dizzy

Enough of this Specie=ism

Why shouldn't a rodent be deputy leader

Yours ever


Ross said...

Who is Salford?