Friday, March 30, 2007

Pelosi refuses to support British troops seized in Iran?

The US based Power Line blog is reporting that the leader of the House of Representative in the US Congress, Nancy Pelosi, has been allowing a resolution of support for Britain over the seized Navy sailor in Iran to languish all week without bringing it to the floor of the House. It quotes a letter from Congressman Eric Cantor to Pelosi which says,
Dear Madam Speaker:

Fifteen kidnapped British marines and sailors recently became the latest victims of a systematic Iranian campaign of terror and international defiance. The illegal seizure of the British forces is a signal that Iran views us as powerless to prevent it from realizing its aggressive ambitions.

For the sake of our standing in the world, our allies and most importantly the 15 British personnel and their families, I urge you to bring H. Res. 267 to the floor today before we adjourn. The resolution calls for the immediate and unconditional release of the British marines and sailors. It would also call on the U.N. Security Council to not only condemn the seizure, but to explore harsher sanctions to counter the growing Iranian threat.
It also quotes a Republican congressional staffer incredulity at the situation.

Cheers Nancy, thanks for the support.
Hat Tip: Theo Spark


Adam said...

I imagine the fact that it isn't merely an expression of suport, but also calls for gasoline sanctions against Iran, might be a part of the delay.

Adam said...

The Resolution can be seen here:

It's more than just a simple expression of support, for good or bad. However, it looks to have been crafted so that someone who didn't, for example, want the exploration of further sanctions to be called for right now, would have to be in the situation of voting against an expression of support for the British.

I'm only guessing as to why it's been held up, but the Resolution is more than a simple expression of support.

haddock said...

perhaps they will wait their traditional two years before helping Britain and doing what is right.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Do you realize that Pelosi has gone Syria? Check out "A Tangled Web"

Cassandrina said...

Why the hell should Pelosi help Blair?
He switched sides from Bill, his natural ally, to Dubya so quick he left a vapour trail.
The relationship between Blair and Dubya is very one sided; it is Bliar's ego and future career that makes it good for him - New Labour are in a quandary as to whom to approach in the future -will they have to go cap in hand to people like Pelosi? - hopefully she and others will tell them to get lost.

Carl Eve said...

I think you meant to say "seized in disputed waters" not seized in Iran..."

Chris Paul said...

Nancy might be worrying about having 500 uncharged combatants from places like Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Birmingham, Manchester, Australia etc in her own back yard. Alleged enemy combatants kidnapped and imprisoned in all sorts of other sovereign territories.

If I were Nance I know I would be.