Saturday, March 31, 2007

Brown blames Cameron for his pension deception

Highly amusing I thought but Gordon Brown sent out his lieutenant Ed Balls on to the Today programme this morning to put out the line that the pension story and the billions lost were all as a result of David Cameron's advice to Norman Lamont. The entirely partial Jim Naughtie then happily parroted the line more than once. Watching politicians do desperate things is funny.


Anonymous said...

I just listened to the Broadcast and have to agree with you that McNaughtie is so biased as to be a caricature.

Balls is a loyal fool who will soon come to regret his blind allegiance.

His and Browns comeuppance is long overdue.

Anonymous said...

One must never forget that James Naughtie and Gordon Brown co-operated in writing John Smith: Life and Soul of the Party in 1994.
Hence the Brown-nosed one is necessarily always subservient.

ken from glos said...

Dont the two of them know that nobody believes a word they say any more??

They live in bubbles and are not connected to the outside world .

mitch said...

Ahhh brown at it again,ruins something,trys to hide it,news gets out and bruun legs it out of the country.The man has real class.
Does anyone realy belive blinky balls
defence ??

Cassandrina said...

The outset of Ed Ball's delivery on the programme showed a distraught and back foot delivery and one could almost pluck the lies out of the air.
He of course is as guilty as GB(H) and realises their future is too tightly linked for him to have a career without GB(H)