Monday, February 26, 2007

Darling goes after Murdoch

It looks like Alistair Darling has caved in to growing pressure from backbenchers to start an initial OFCOM invetsigation into Sky's purchase of a significant stake in ITV. Gordon's hands are clean on that one so I guess he'll be hoping that Murdoch doesn't turn against him.


Theo Spark said...

Murdoch is also trying to get pay channels onto freeview.

As for ITV New Labour are terrified that Murdoch will switch to the Tories and that would only leave the BBC supporting Liebour.

kinglear said...

Oh but he will turn against him

Anonymous said...

BBC supporting Labour? Hehe.

If Virgin is allowed to buy ITV (ie if Murdoch is forced to sell his stake), then there is suddenly a third significant media player - I wonder if the government thinks that would be a useful counterbalancee to News Group's populist-right-wing leanings?

John B