Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blue Shark TV interviews Michael Gove

The multimedia political blog, Blue Shark TV has put a video interview with Michael Gove MP. The format of the interview is very fast-fire questioning with a nifty soundtrack. Apparently, journalists are mischiefs, and politicians are dull. Presumably present company was excluded!

Watch the full video here


Newmania said...

He was going to be invited to speak at our association thingy but was to busy...and yet he can talk to Blue Shark


Caroline Hunt said...

well our interviews only take ten miutes and we go to them.

Don't sulk - you're face will stick like that :)

Cranmer said...

Mr Gove does not possess that attribute of divinity of here, there, and everywhere.

He is a remarkable talent, and should be rationed.

Newmania said...

You get some quality in don`t you Dizzy.Not to worry I`ll soon fix that