Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lib Dem MP calls Tessa Jowell "barking mad"

Yesterday in Parliament, during a debate on "Digital Switchover", the Lib Dem MP for Bath, Don Foster, called Tessa Jowell, the Culture Secretary, "barking mad".

During the debate he said that he "worked long and hard to persuade" to persuade Tory MP, Ed Vaizey not to table an amendment to a clause on Digital Switchover which they had, by that time, been discussing for a while. Foster said that he argued privately to Vaizey not to table it "on the grounds that it was barking mad".

Ed Vaizey responded sharply, pointing out that whilst foster was "a man of great chivalry", he wanted to "remind him that the new clause was first proposed by the Secretary of State, so any accusation that it is barking mad is an unchivalrous attack on her". Foster quickly backtracked saying that if he were making an attack on the Secretary of State he would "instantly withdraw [his] remark".

Personally, I think she probably is barking mad. After all, she did manage to sign a mortgage form for hundreds of thousands of pounds and casually "forgot" about it. You have to pretty barking to do something like that don't you?


don j said...

The new expression is, apparently, "Dagenham" (as in "She's Completely Daggers") - this being three stops further on from Barking.

Chris Paul said...

That depends on how many like documents one signs I suppose. I can probably remember all the agreements I've signed down the years. But not the smaller amendment, renewal, etc ones.

If a person were signing quite a few docs at home and hundreds at work and trusted those putting them in front to be signed then memory might well be less than if signing few and distrustful.