Monday, November 27, 2006

Even when we go it will still be our fault...

This morning I had what can only be descirbed as momentary lapse of reason and purchased a copy of the Guardian. I have to admit, if the purpose of the Guardian is too make me angry then I was certainly not disappointed. This morning's award for Orwellian doublethink goes to Gary Younge, who is, it seems, a shinging example of all that is bad with what passes as intelligent comment from today's Left.

In an act of medacious originality Gary has chosen the subject matter of Iraq to discuss today, what's more, and I must say I was so shocked by this, apparently everything is either America or Britain's fault. I won't bore you too much with the finer details of his words for they are the same ones that are played out time and again on this issue assorted rabble of sophists.

As I've mused many a time before, the people calling for withdrawal from Iraq will, when we have eventually left, blame us for leaving to soon when it all goes wrong. Such is the nature of their arguments. If we hand over security to the Iraqis and remain at their request in a handful of bases they will say the Iraqi Goevrnment is a puppet regime and we remain to ensure they do our bidding. You'll never win with people like Gary Younge et al.

I imagine there are some out there that will argue that this is simply not the case, however, you can already see Gary Younge preparing himself for that argument. In his article he says, "The troops must go. But the west has to leave enough resources behind to pay for what it broke." I am willing to bet money that sometime in the future Gary Younge will argue that the West did not leave enough resources behind in Iraq and thus it is all the West's fault.... again.


Jeremycj said...

Haven't we already been down this road before? I mean in 1915-1920.

Now you said bought a copy of the Guardian. Are you feeling OK? My suggestion is that you go back to bed with a hot water bottle, a copy of The Kama Sutra and don't get up until you stop the sweats.

Ellee said...

The Grauniad is always worth a read on Mondays for the media section, it is the best.