Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Want a new career? Become a profesional gold digger

According to an article in Guardian the Government is planning legislation that will allow couples who live together to have "divorce" rights. Harriet Harman told the Guardian that the law needs to be changed so people who live together are able to make the same claims as married couples after a relationship breakdown.

Besides the obvious question of "what's the point of marriage?", surely such proposals are going to be exposed to massive fraud? At least with marriage a gold-digger needs to make a significant legal commitment.


Croydonian said...

I forsee a drastic drop in co-habitation, and yet more demand for single person houses.

CityUnslicker said...

Another attack on the families. Sinlge people are statistically far more likley to be receipients of state benefits, particularly women.

A naked social engineering piece for the electoral benefit of the Labour party and Mrs C. Blair.

Ellee said...

I assumed people didn't marry because they didn't want to make a commitment, shouldn't they have that freedom of choice still, why assume they want to be treated like other married couples when they have chosen not to take that path?

The only people who will get rich from this are the solicitors.

youdontknowme said...

This is a stupid idea. some people don't want to get married precisely because of what would happen with a divorce.